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Thanks to all who made shredding day a success

On behalf of the American Legion Post 250 of Hinsdale, I would like to thank all the wonderful people who came out for our “Shred your Documents” event. All of you helped make this event a huge success, We would to try and... — Updated 9/23/2020


Don't trust lawmakers with more taxing authority

Here’s the reason you should vote no on the proposed “fair tax” amendment to the Illinois Constitution. The amendment gives the legislature power to increase taxes on any group of taxpayers with no limits and no... — Updated 9/16/2020


Host homecoming parties or have schools reopen?

Over the past few weeks of high school online, teachers have been told about multiple homecoming parties being planned. This is happening while some of the same families are begging for the schools to be reopened. I am amazed that... — Updated 9/16/2020


Pool staff made summer wonderful for so many

I love to have contact with friends and people. I love water and swimming! On June 22 happiness began for swimmers and “water-lovers” when the Hinsdale Community Swimming Pool opened for three hours per day. We learned that... — Updated 9/2/2020


Residents happy D181 is following 6-foot guideline

As concerned residents, we would like to express our gratitude to the District 181 Board of Education for staying diligent to the CDC’s recommendations of distancing at least 6 feet. As COVID numbers continue to rise, in... — Updated 8/19/2020


New D181 board member is confused about justice

As a parent of two students in D181, I received the survey to which the previous author and current board member referred (Bill Cotter’s Aug. 6 letter). Given the choice of a five-day in-school option and a fully remote track, I... — Updated 8/19/2020


Children should not be 'used' at school protests

To the parents who used their children as props holding “Open the Schools” signs during a recent protest, shame on you. As if children have the maturity, life experience or should bear the burden for such a decision. — Geri... — Updated 8/12/2020


Residents need to be better informed on crime

Many, presumably by their own inattention, are uninformed about the extent of the local crime surge, uninformed about what’s being done and uninformed about how they can better protect themselves. For example, I-55 is a... — Updated 8/12/2020


D181 reopening plan should be reconsidered

A great American once wrote that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. An overwhelming majority of respondents to a D181-commissioned survey wanted the board to adopt a five-day per week, in-person reopening plan... — Updated 8/5/2020


Column identifies perils posed by 'cancel culture'

I applaud Pamela Lannom’s July 30 “Democracy at Stake ...” opinion for exposing the left’s double standards and coercive practices. The censorship of John Kass is but one of many examples of cancel culture in action.... — Updated 8/5/2020


Locking cars protects property, police officers' lives

Having lived in Hinsdale for over 20 years, it amazes me that several times every year, our police still have to plead with residents to lock their car doors to prevent vehicle theft. Maybe if people would consider that every... — Updated 7/29/2020


Civic leaders should set better example with masks

I could not believe the front page picture of last week’s Hinsdalean. Only one person wore a mask during the ribbon cutting of the parking garage in front of the new middle school. Our civic leaders should consider themselves to... — Updated 7/22/2020


Revisions to Title 14 have not been drafted in haste

Oak Street in southeast Hinsdale soon will take on a drastically different look with the pending demolitions of two iconic, historic homes — all because Hinsdale’s preservation ordinance lacks substance. Members of... — Updated 7/15/2020


Woman set shining example for those she leaves behind

Earlier this week Hinsdale lost a rare person. The white ribbons around town are to honor and celebrate a woman who lived life beautifully and who taught me, just by being exactly who she was, how to be a better person. Monica... — Updated 7/8/2020


Family grateful for support following Andrea's death

We want to express our most sincere thank yous to all the people who have been with us on this journey. The many flowers, dinners and donations were so greatly appreciated, as were the many hugs and expressions of sympathy, and... — Updated 7/8/2020


Encourage forest district to buy land at Ogden, Adams

The IBLP land north of Ogden Avenue and east of Adams Road presently being considered for development is an environmentally sensitive area that is part of the Salt Creek flood plain. The area should be preserved as open space, beca... — Updated 7/8/2020


Cook grateful as he passes baton to new HCS leader

Dear neighbors — This week, I retire as executive director of HCS Family Services. It wouldn’t, however, be right to leave without sharing my deep thanks with our good-hearted community. Even in these days of social... — Updated 7/1/2020


Board should reject moratorium as commission did

On Tuesday night, the Hinsdale Plan Commission wisely voted 4-2 against imposing any type of moratorium on home demolitions. Even the two members in favor expressed doubts that the proposed six-month duration was actually... — Updated 7/1/2020


Restaurants, patrons need to be much more cautious

I’m glad we’re starting to come out of Phase 2 into Phase 3 and soon Phase 4. But if what I saw at Fuller House on Thursday, June 11, is any indication — 10 people drinking at one table, no seating 6 feet apart (it was... — Updated 6/17/2020


Redeemer members march with hope to end racism

We represent Redeemer Lutheran Church of Hinsdale and its ministry group called Church and Community. The mission of this small group is “to inspire (our) members to work in areas of important social concern.” The Black Lives... — Updated 6/10/2020


Verizon still on track to roll out 5G in Hinsdale

My family recently moved to this beautiful town filled with wonderful people and great businesses to raise our young family and plant roots. I am very disheartened to hear that the Verizon 5G rollout is still on track to install... — Updated 6/3/2020


Writer ponders solution to stop speeders in town

I had a nice, safer-for-all pipe dream about a small Illinois suburban village whose citizens unanimously approved an overhead satellite that controlled and limited all non-emergency vehicles to the posted speed limit. And they... — Updated 6/3/2020


Read village survey for insight on preservation

The detailed official notice on the Hinsdale Plan Commission’s June 10 public hearing (7:30 p.m. via Zoom) to receive residents’ input on a proposed moratorium on demolitions of certain historic homes and other buildings is on... — Updated 6/3/2020


Kindness is the best response in these trying times

Two recent experiences in the last 10 days seem worth sharing. Last week on one of the warm days I was leaving the hardware store in Clarendon Hills. A small group of young children with several moms was at the ice cream store... — Updated 5/27/2020


Family hopes husband, father's legacy will carry on

Dr. J. Richard Spatafora passed away suddenly on May 24. We are going forward with love, strength, tenderness and togetherness. He loved his family enough to last a lifetime and then some. We will miss our Rick desperately; a... — Updated 5/27/2020


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