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Daughter honors mom's many contributions to village

I wanted to recognize a beautiful and spirited woman in our community and local interior designer, my mother, Mary Anne Herring. In 1986 my mom opened a home design store called Robin’s Egg Blue in Hinsdale, which had a... — Updated 9/15/2021


Much more must be learned about using 5G safely

In 1995 when we were still using a simple cell phone technology, the FCC set some safety regulations on the radiation tolerances using heat exposure to the brain when held against the head as the benchmark. Fast forward 25 years... — Updated 8/25/2021


Writer shares columnist's concern over teardowns

No question, Hinsdale is demolishing the stories that reside in its old homes. The village is in the throes of a building boom. Lots of stone and brick delivered to job sights. Loads of slate roofing and copper downspouts, too.... — Updated 8/11/2021


D86 Board must rescind PITU, offer students remediation

A curricular emergency is in progress at Hinsdale Central High School. We need immediate action by the board of education to address the harm already imposed on rising 10th-graders who took Physics in the Universe and give rising n... — Updated 7/7/2021


Don't believe that wealthy suburbia is under attack

Many who bring up wedge culture war issues do so because framing is the single most powerful tool for persuasion. Likewise, fear mongering, false equivalence and dog whistles are the weapons of those who want to reinforce a sense... — Updated 6/9/2021


Krehbiel and his passion for history will be missed

Our village has many friends. Those who seek to improve our sense of community, those who work to keep our village safe, those who work to beautify our parks and open spaces and those who strive every day to ensure Hinsdale’s... — Updated 6/9/2021


Recent burglary headline was a swing and a miss

The May 20 headline, “Police restraint saves armed teen’s life,” was a poor editorial choice and instead should have read, “Hinsdale Police are heroes for averting an armed robbery.” The headline focused the attention on... — Updated 6/2/2021


Hinsdale residents appreciate great police work

After reading about the burglaries on May 17 at Continental Motorsports and Land Rover/Jaguar in Hinsdale, I felt it important to let our police officers know how grateful Hinsdale residents are for their courage and... — Updated 6/2/2021


Protest leaves writer worried about future of Republic

On Jan. 6, 2021, a mob stormed the chamber of the United States Congress. They intended to stop the counting of electoral votes, overthrow the election and seat their candidate. Their candidate was the president of the United... — Updated 4/14/2021


Shin, a former teacher, will be great on D181 Board

Congratulations to Grace Shin, a fellow community member and mother of three children in the district who was elected to the D181 School Board Tuesday. Grace has a background in education with a master’s in education from the... — Updated 4/7/2021


Two-wheel travel is best with temperatures on the rise

I ride my bicycle to downtown Hinsdale during nice weather (around 80 degrees). More people should take it from me. Have a nice day. — Charles Crawford, Hinsdale... — Updated 4/7/2021


Former D181 board president advocates inclusiveness

This past year horrific events have created awareness of discrimination and hate crimes perpetuated against African-American, Asian, LGBTQ, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other communities. In our Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills commun... — Updated 3/31/2021


Check out LWV's candidate videos and then vote April 6

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that is committed to ensuring that voters have the information they need to successfully vote in every election. One of the local League chapters, the League of Women Voters... — Updated 3/31/2021


Levinthal and Walker will be accountable and transparent

For 20 years I have watched District 86 school boards achieve great things for students by working cohesively with administration and the community, and I have watched utter chaos full of divisive bickering, power grabs and... — Updated 3/31/2021


Vote for Levinthal, Pinnow, Shannon and Walker

The April 6 election for four D86 school board positions arrives at a critical time for our students and community. I have been most concerned about the current board’s decisions to rush, in my opinion, the “physics first... — Updated 3/31/2021


Pinnow would bring voice of reason to D86 Board

I believe that Mark Pinnow would be a valuable asset to the District 86 Board of Education. He would bring collaboration and an evidence based approach to the board and he is a much needed voice of reason. Mark has a strong... — Updated 3/31/2021


Past D181 board members support James, Waters

As former D181 BOE members, we are writing to express our strong support for Peggy James and Jeff Waters, who are running for the D86 Board of Education. Since the passage of the D86 facilities referendum in 2019, the current D86... — Updated 3/31/2021


Levinthal on D86 board will benefit all children

I am writing in support of Debbie Levinthal for the D86 Board of Education. I’ve lived in Oak Brook for 14 years and am the mother of two eighth-graders who will attend Hinsdale Central next year. Plus, my husband grew up here... — Updated 3/31/2021


Former D86 president backs Levinthal and Walker

D86 is at a crossroads. The last 18 months have brought changes and challenges to the district that have negatively impacted the educational delivery and experiences of all the students and the ability of the community to have... — Updated 3/31/2021


Kleber deserves another two years on D181 Board

Margie Kleber’s leadership, experience and extensive knowledge of D181 merit her continued service on the D181 Board of Education. Board stability is a critical factor in achieving strategic plan objectives, like delivering the... — Updated 3/31/2021


James brings transparency, knowledge to D86

Peggy James is a friend that we know and trust. As former PTO Executive Board members from The Lane School, we are writing to share our enthusiastic support for her candidacy for the D86 BOE. During our time on the PTO Executive... — Updated 3/24/2021


Platform, resumé make Walker right D86 choice

Unless you’re quarantined, you’re seeing signs around town for the upcoming D86 School Board election. I’d like to draw your attention to one name on the ballot in particular: Terri Walker. I’ve known Terri since her... — Updated 3/24/2021


Shannon will promote action to benefit students

On April 6, we need to vote for four new members for the D86 school board, and it’s critical that one of your votes is for Dr. Karen Shannon. With Karen’s credentials — a PhD in chemistry from Caltech, a JD from Georgetown... — Updated 3/24/2021


Kleber's leadership is essential to D181 board

I urge the community to re-elect Margie Kleber for the District 181 School Board. I have known Margie for over 30 years. She is a person of tremendous integrity who also possesses a practical, common-sense approach. In addition,... — Updated 3/24/2021


D86 board candidate pledges open dialogue

Board of education members are elected officials responsible for carrying out and executing, through policy, the collective demand of the community they represent. The recent Hinsdalean endorsement of the current District 86 BOE... — Updated 3/24/2021


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