Letters - Recent Hinsdale Central grad offers love letter to Hinsdale

I graduated high school two weeks ago and have no idea how to feel. I’m a sentimental person, so as the school year wound down, I spent time thinking about my departure from family, friends and my Hinsdale life.

I’ve lived here since birth — my first breath taken at Hinsdale Hospital. The thought of moving to Boulder, Colo., and living there for most of the year is, currently, an impossible one.

These 18 years passed in a flash, but I feel grateful to have absolutely loved where I’ve grown up, the people I’ve met, the schools I attended, the routine I’ve built. My most cherished Hinsdale treasures are the traditions this town has and the newspaper that comes each Thursday. I’m an 18-year-old who proudly attends every Christmas Walk, Uniquely Thursday and Farmers Market and never misses reading The Hinsdalean.

This newspaper has brought me so much joy and taught me so much as I’ve turned that first page every Thursday after school. Whether it’s the history of Hinsdale, an inspiring story about a resident or what our amazing police department has done to protect us, I’m truly thrilled to read it all.

I’m forever indebted to this beautiful town and the thousands of memories and countless relationships it’s brought me over the last 18 years. So do not be surprised if you find me right back here 10 years from now to do it all over again with my own family. Thank you. — Zoryana “Z” Kuropas, Hinsdale