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Story time a treasured part of Christmases past

From the moment I realized Dan and I would have only one child, I've worked very hard to not be too nostalgic about Ainsley growing up. I've heard parents talk about the last diaper they will change, the last first day of... — Updated 12/1/2021


Hinsdale has everything shoppers could want

If there’s ever been a time to look locally for your holiday shopping purchases, this year seems to be it. With the volatility of COVID-19 encouraging a stay-close-to-home vibe again and supply chain challenges playing havoc... — Updated 12/1/2021

 By John Bourjaily    Opinion

The turn signal column

On our National Day of Thanks, I would like to send out a special message of appreciation to the woman who managed to not kill me when I was out for a run a couple weeks ago. When... — Updated 11/23/2021

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

Sappy start to Thanksgiving a holiday tradition

Every year when the broadcast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade begins, I tear up. This is a great source of amusement at my house, with Dan and Ainsley eager to supply their... — Updated 11/23/2021


An abundance of reasons for which to give thanks

If we could come up with one reason to be thankful for each day of November — up to and including Thanksgiving — in 2020, we certainly can do so in 2021. Complaints seem to be in abundant supply this year. But if we stop, take... — Updated 11/23/2021


Continually rejecting expert opinions causes harm

I applaud The Hinsdalean’s admonishment (Oct. 21 editorial) of the new District 86 board members’ apparent disdain for the administration’s expert judgment on curriculum and grading matters. Innovation is needed more than... — Updated 11/17/2021


Practicing kindness for kindness' sake

Today, I thought I'd tap into my intellectual grandiosity to present a philosophical theory. A question of id vs. ego, thought vs soul, good vs evil. Or maybe, if I could entice... — Updated 11/17/2021


Thankful for teachers, staff, leadership in D181

As I think about our blessings this year, I count our District 181 teachers, secretaries, janitors, crossing guards, paraprofessionals and principals high on my list. We are so fortunate to live in this community where our kids... — Updated 11/17/2021

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

Finding compassion, even if it is not deserved

The jury is still out - literally - on the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse as we go to press Wednesday afternoon. I've been angry with Rittenhouse since I first saw the videos of him roami... — Updated 11/17/2021


Giving Tuesday helps us get in the holiday spirit

Winston Churchill is credited with saying, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Anyone who’s looking to lean into that life should circle Nov. 30 on the calendar. Giving Tuesday is the “wor... — Updated 11/17/2021

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

Being kind is usually easier than we think

I was talking to my next-door neighbor, Judy, over the weekend, and somehow we got on the subject of her husband George's death in July 2017. She had been very worried in the days... — Updated 11/10/2021


Paying tribute to nation's heroes on Veterans Day

Having Veterans Day fall on a Thursday is a special treat for us. Every November for several years now we have recognized veterans who live in town — or whose family lives in town — with a write-up and photo. This year we are r... — Updated 11/10/2021

 By Lex Silberberg    Opinion

Best advice to you? Talk wordy to me

Word nerd. Grammar geek. Vocabulary vigilante. Take your pick. They've all applied to me since, well, forever. As a toddler, my parents regularly found me cuddling Golden Books inst... — Updated 11/10/2021


Falcon fundraiser a true celebration marking 50 years

I write to thank Hinsdale Falcon Football & Cheer and “Falcons Nation” for a wonderful fundraising celebration this past Friday night. A special thank you to event organizers and benefactors Nadine and Bill O’Malley, Kay and... — Updated 11/10/2021

 By Bret Conway    Opinion

The night the skeletons came to life

Halloween is my second favorite holiday (live for New Year's Eve), but the Larbourd Oaks Mansion Ghost Tour left me with an awkward experience. Just after 10 p.m., I attended the... — Updated 11/3/2021


Answer to what's going on in D86 is clear

In response to your recent editorial, “No clear explanation for what’s going on in D86,” we believe that the new board’s resistance to the administration’s agenda is entirely clear. The April election saw an... — Updated 11/3/2021

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

Reflections on the anniversary of losing my mom

I got the call a year ago this morning. It was a Wednesday - deadline day - and I had a lot to do before the next day's paper could go to press. So when I picked up the phone and... — Updated 11/3/2021


Family, friends crucial in addressing Alzheimer's

Currently, more than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease, and one in three seniors dies from it. Two-thirds of Americans ages 65 and older living with Alzheimer’s are women. By 2050, the number of people... — Updated 11/3/2021

 By Isabella Terry    Opinion

Kondo's 'Guide to Essay Writing'

It's that time of year for seniors - college application season. College applications are many things, one of which is not easy. Speaking from experience, they're a bit of a chore... — Updated 10/27/2021


One size fits all approach by some in D86 serves no one

Strategic Planning in 2018 and passage of the referendum in 2019 were signs of great progress in District 86. However, since then this community has seen a change of focus at D86. A high-performing district, D86 has seen a... — Updated 10/27/2021

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

Welcoming ghosts of Halloween pasts a real treat

I have mixed feelings about Facebook, but sometimes I can't help sharing the memories that pop up in my news feed. Just this week, Facebook presented a photo of Ainsley dressed as a... — Updated 10/27/2021


Scary scenarios imagine different course of events

Zombies. Witches. Evil clowns. Executioners. Werewolves. Vampires. There’s plenty to be frightened of each Oct. 31. Equally horrifying is the following list of scary scenarios. Each year at The Hinsdalean, we come up with our... — Updated 10/27/2021


No clear explanation for what's going on in D86

We are baffled. We’ve watched and listened to the discussion of grading practices in Hinsdale High School District 86 from the Sept. 30 and Oct. 14 board meetings. We’ve been attending and reporting on school board meetings... — Updated 10/21/2021

 By Bill Barre    Opinion

Fear-of-Death Diet really works

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to consider The Fear-of-Death Diet. Of all the diets I've tried, none has been more successful than The-Fear-of-Death Diet. It's... — Updated 10/20/2021

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

Accepting the 'relentless impermanence' of life

I’ve been very interested in Buddhism of late. I blame this on Teri Goudie. She turned me onto Dan Harris after I complained that Eckhart Tolle’s book, “A New Earth,” was a... — Updated 10/20/2021


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