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 By Jade Cook    Opinion 

Seeing ourselves through moms' eyes

I stood in line at the grocery store behind a mother and her two young children. I watched her unload her cart and manage her kids with such serenity and patience that I confess,... — Updated 9/21/2022

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion 

College seems expensive? It's all about perspective

I wrote a column once about the cost of raising kids and got an estimate from my financial planner on the price tag for four years of college starting in 2027, the year Ainsley... — Updated 9/21/2022


Welcome fall, your charisma draws us in, and out

“It’s the first day of autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings, and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!” — Winnie the Pooh Happy Fall! Today is the autumnal equinox, ushering in a season... — Updated 9/21/2022


'Future agenda items' affecting future in D86

The Hinsdale High School District 86 Board needs a special meeting with a single agenda item — to address future agenda items. At last count, the board had more than a dozen items on a list of potential future meeting topics.... — Updated 9/14/2022

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

Stating the obvious one way I can try to relax

"Right now, it's like this." I was introduced to this phrase earlier this week while listening to one of the Teacher Talks on the Ten Percent Happier app. "Duh," you might be... — Updated 9/14/2022

 By Kevin Cook    Opinion

Ode to a man I did not know

I didn't know Craig Kruse. Craig passed away on Sept. 9 from brain cancer. He was 50 years old, six years younger than me. He left behind a wife and three children, many family memb... — Updated 9/14/2022


D181 board member encourages others to seek office

Beginning next Tuesday, Sept. 20, residents interested in running for the D181 Board of Education may begin circulating signature petitions for the consolidated election to be held April 4, 2023. Candidates can file their... — Updated 9/14/2022


Pro Bono attorneys bring change and hope to their clients

We see examples of it every day. Far too many vulnerable populations cannot afford access to basic rights and justice. Low-income Americans cannot get legal help for 92% of their noncriminal legal problems, up from 86% in 2017.... — Updated 9/7/2022

 By Lex Silberberg    Opinion

Getting back in the saddle

Like many kids, I loved horses. They were my favorite thing to draw, my favorite thing to talk about and my favorite thing to collect - in My Little Pony form, of course. I would... — Updated 9/7/2022

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

Welcoming new columnists, bidding others adieu

I hope all of you love reading the work of our contributing columnists as much as I do. You’ve seen some different — but familiar — faces this summer as former contributors... — Updated 9/7/2022


The horror, hope of Sept. 11 continues to endure

Every year in this issue, we dedicate this space to remembering the events of Sept. 11, 2001, paying respects to those lost and the heroism of those who, in many cases, knew it would be their final act. As the years pile up... — Updated 9/7/2022

 By Peter Celauro    Opinion

Parent seeks peace among the pines

Picture a hammock: blue, suspended between two maples. From the end of the hammock protrude two feet. They are well-tanned and have not seen a shoe in days. Sunlight glistens... — Updated 8/31/2022


Girls crossing tracks prompts safety reminder

This is my first letter to the editor, which I wrote as soon as I arrived at my office downtown this morning. I am a longtime Hinsdale resident and commuter. I was running late this morning (Aug. 29) for the 7:52 and missed it, sta... — Updated 8/31/2022

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

As fall approaches, a look back at summer 2022

Despite the appearance of pumpkin spice coffee and baking mixes in the grocery store and the start of "meteorological fall" today, I continue to mark the beginning of my favorite... — Updated 8/31/2022


Working conditions altered since first Labor Day

Labor Day traditionally marks the unofficial end of summer. Vacations have been taken, the kids have gone back to school (unless there’s an extended summer construction schedule) and life gets back to normal. This year, some... — Updated 8/31/2022

 By Jim Slonoff    Opinion

Sticks and stones aren't only things that hurt

When I was a child, growing up on Chicago's northwest side, there was a saying that went something like this: "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me."... — Updated 8/24/2022


Making peace with road less traveled

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." - Robert Burns Ever since I started backpacking, I have wanted to hike the John Muir Trail, a 213-mile long distance trail in... — Updated 8/24/2022

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

First day of school looks different in eighth grade

I still remember the outfit Ainsley wore the first day of kindergarten - a navy short-sleeved T-shirt dress with fuchsia and yellow trim. I bought it for her weeks before school... — Updated 8/24/2022


Start the new school year off on the right foot

Hinsdale Central students may be going back to class a little later this fall, but it’s never too early to bone up on healthy habits for scholarship. Here are some tips from The Princeton Review: 1. Have more than one study... — Updated 8/24/2022


Narrative surrounding baseball game manipulated

April 21 was a good day for baseball. A crowd cheered both HC and LT players. Although there were strong plays on the field that Thursday, fabrications about this game has become the story. On April 28, a woman sent a letter to... — Updated 8/17/2022


Gift of kindness lives on

When my oldest child Brian was a baby, I befriended a Hinsdale woman of my mother's generation named Rose. She gave me loads of practical advice about baby care and even babysat... — Updated 8/17/2022

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

Post simultaneously boosts, diminishes women

If you are a woman of a certain age, perhaps you've seen this Facebook post. "To all my female friends from 40 years and up ... most of us are going through the next phase of our... — Updated 8/17/2022


Let's give kids a brake as they go back to class

Students head back to school this Monday in Community Consolidated School District 181 and Sept. 6 in Hinsdale High School District 86. That means more youth and families crossing streets on their way to and from school to begin an... — Updated 8/17/2022

 By Pamela Lannom    Opinion

Beatles, Beatles and more Beatles this summer

We concluded what I have dubbed “Summer of The Beatles: Part 1” (Paul McCartney concert, two American English performances, one by the Beatelles) with a trip to the Rock and... — Updated 8/10/2022


Tips, tricks to keep parents sane this school year

We all know what we should be doing before we send the kids back to school in a few weeks. If students heading off to college haven’t learned to do their own laundry, now is the time. They also could use some tips on getting alon... — Updated 8/10/2022


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