Letter - Neighbors making living in Hinsdale so wonderful

Jan. 14 we escaped the winter for 11 days. Like always, our neighbors take care of everything while we are gone. We stop the mail and newspaper deliveries and our “ghost lights” go on and off while we are gone.

Already a day later, Shari Cornies called us in Mexico to find out if we were well and happy. She had found our Sunday news paper in the driveway. She worried if we were OK, and if we had made the trip to Mexico safely.

Jan. 25 we came back from our dream vacation. Our house was icy like an igloo. We went to bed with the warmest winter outfits and blankets that we had. The icy weather had caused a broken pipe, water had come in and our house became icy. Nasty!

The next day, Friday, Jan. 26, Tom Woods, another good neighbor, saw the two repair trucks in our driveway. Immediately he contacted us and welcomed us to stay in his house as long as it would take. Can you imagine!

These are just two examples among so many good experiences that we have enjoyed in the past 49 years. It is the people around us who make us feel safe and welcomed. — Sibylle and Peter Sonnenberg, Hinsdale