Letter - New homes add value, interest to Southeast Hinsdale

Robbins Park? Southeast is the true name of the controversial neighborhood in Hinsdale. It’s Southeast Hinsdale. The dirt that lies under homes — that were built in a different era, when folks listened to the radio after having dinner provided to them by live-in servants — is the focus of wealthy homebuyers these days. It’s the beauty of lot sizes, mature trees, exclusivity of Southeast that enchants buyers. Many, many homes in Southeast have been torn down and many more will be too. What some residents do not choose to admit is, this is a good thing! Homes in Southeast and throughout Hinsdale have appreciated because of new builds. Southeast is shedding its old skin and is becoming reborn as shiny and new. Many of the new homes are complete with outdoor athletic courts, in-ground swimming pools, home offices and are equipped with up-to-date technology including energy efficiency. These new homes create an oasis of quality of living.

Let’s celebrate Southeast and other great neighborhoods in Hinsdale that are being renewed by tearing down old existing homes on terrific lots. We don’t want to become a place where decrepit old homes devalue our neighborhoods. Be happy and thankful properties have appreciated because of the teardown phenomena that is in the process of creating new iconic architecture that is truly unique and interesting. — Renee Mumford, Hinsdale