Cauley's involvement in civil lawsuit was inappropriate

We are nearing the one-year anniversary of Sean Richards tragic death. Sean was killed on July 17, 2023, while walking on a Hinsdale sidewalk. I would like to thank the Hinsdale Village Board for improving public safety by proactively installing jersey barriers around Fuller’s Car Wash. As a resident of Hinsdale, however, I am concerned by some comments made by Village President Tom Cauley that were reported in Ken Knutson’s June 13 Hinsdalean article. At the June 11 board meeting, Mr. Cauley inserted himself into the middle of a civil lawsuit by advocating on the behalf of Fuller’s while portraying Brian Richards as the obstructionist with such comments as, “It seems to me it’s entirely within your power to close down the car wash,” and “You could settle it tomorrow.”

Mr. Cauley is an experienced lawyer and knows that parties to civil suits are represented by legal counsel. Attempting to negotiate a civil suit at a village board meeting is not only inappropriate, it is not in the best interest of the Hinsdale residents that Mr. Cauley and the village board represent. — Bill Johnson, Hinsdale