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Scenic suburbs rebut gloomy take

The tweet by @samwightt gave me pause: “Chicago’s suburbs are an infinite purgatory of farmland and decrepit downtowns networked together by boring county roads.” Really, Sam? You want “boring county roads”? Pick a day... — Updated 6/29/2022


Heat a welcome relief from cold

I just can't stand the bitter cold Chicago winters. With each passing year, I am becoming less tolerant of the cold, the wind, the polar vortices, the bone-chilling wind chills and... — Updated 6/22/2022

 By Jen Dean    Opinion

A life's journey with LEGOS

LEGOS have been a part of my life as a mother for close to two decades. They have been barefoot torture instruments, irritating dust collectors and mostly sanity-saving... — Updated 6/15/2022

 By Bret Conway    Opinion

Don't stand in the doorway

Thirteen years ago on a sunny June 4, we picked up our kindergartner (Colette) and first-grader from school. Our son, strapped in his stroller and turning 1 in two weeks, seemed... — Updated 6/1/2022

 By Isabella Terry    Opinion

Pondering packing list for college

When you all read this, I will be on the verge of waltzing, pending cooperation from my heels and spotty coordination, across Dickinson Field for the last time. A freshly retired... — Updated 5/25/2022

 By Bill Barre    Opinion

Why Dad's Day beats Mom's Day

First, in this age of full disclosure, I disclose that I am ... you guessed it ... a dad. But my preference for Dad's Day over Mom's Day goes well beyond self-aggrandizement. Dad's... — Updated 5/18/2022

 By Lisa Seplak    Opinion

These most certainly are the days

I'm walking my dog by The Lane Elementary. As we approach, she eyes the bulky bulldogs guarding the front and goes down on her front paws, ready to play. But the dogs are made of... — Updated 5/11/2022

 By John Bourjaily    Opinion

Preserve your precious resource

Time is on your side. Don't waste it. If you know anything about me, you know I absolutely despise waste. Wasted money, wasted energy and perhaps worst of all, wasted time. I have... — Updated 5/4/2022

 By Bret Conway    Opinion

Cause of, solution to, life's problems

To quote another Brett (but I spell mine with one 'T'), "Yes, we drank beer. My friends and I. Boys and girls. I liked beer. Still like beer." I've moved on from my '80s Old Style d... — Updated 4/13/2022

 By Isabella Terry    Opinion

Rays of sun in stormy weather

"Our flight is delayed," announced the pilot - to the audible delight of my fellow passengers. My mom and I used mother-daughter mind-reading powers to acknowledge that we had a... — Updated 4/6/2022

 By Bill Barre    Opinion

Why spoil a nice walk with golf?

Golf got started in the Scottish Highlands. Men would walk for hours - up and down, round and round. But one day, someone had the bright idea of knocking a tiny white ball ahead of... — Updated 3/30/2022

 By Lisa Seplak    Opinion

Thoughts on a messy world

I saw five robins in my front yard this morning. It’s almost time for baseball and the backstop at the Hinsdale Little League field in Peirce Park is being redone. Gabby AND Rache... — Updated 3/23/2022

 By John Bourjaily    Opinion

Tips from one adult to an (almost) adult

Incredibly, we will be celebrating my youngest child's 21st birthday in a couple of weeks. Now I know you're probably expecting another "I can't believe I'm that old" column, but... — Updated 3/16/2022


A moment of stillness in a chaotic world

“The birds are always chirping. At least there’s that. Every morning when I step outside to get the newspaper, the birds are chirping. I can’t see them, but knowing they’re... — Updated 3/9/2022

 By Lex Silberberg    Opinion

Hinsdale, mi encanto

If you are anything like me - a parent who spends countless hours in the car because your kids have a more robust social calendar than you do - your driving playlist has been one th... — Updated 3/2/2022

 By Bret Conway    Opinion

Who's gonna fill their shoes?

For no reason in particular, my son and I have an out-of-town hockey tournament tradition of streaming classic country on our way to games. Hopefully I've passed the torch in keepin... — Updated 2/23/2022

 By Isabella Terry    Opinion

My roots and a red dress

When I was young, my mom gifted me a beautiful red traditional Chinese dress, called a qipao. Qipaos are of Manchu origin and are typically slim-fitting with a high neckline and... — Updated 2/16/2022

 By Bill Barre    Opinion

Hands up! It's the Apostrophe Police

I consider myself an enforcer of the oft-neglected and seriously misunderstood apostrophe. After 15 years of teaching in college, I can tell you for sure its days are numbered. Few... — Updated 2/9/2022


Chasing dream means move to DG

I read a weekly email called “3-2-1” Thursdays” by James Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits.” And I usually agree with his personal writings and the poems and literature he shares, under a focused theme, from other... — Updated 2/2/2022

 By Lisa Seplak    Opinion

That age old query: What's in a name?

A college friend of mine is going to be a first-time grandparent soon and wants to suggest baby names. Names. Funny thing about names ... I have a group of friends, and,... — Updated 1/26/2022


No way to prepare for all the 'mom' moments

Some things, they don't warn you about. Others, even things you'd rather not know, are shared in abundant detail - labor and delivery experiences, kids' test scores, social gaffes.... — Updated 1/12/2022

 By Lex Silberberg    Opinion

A little more magic, if you please

As I write this article, I'm in the throes of "the most wonderful time of the year." My kitchen island is littered with barely-legible to-do lists, package deliveries are coming in... — Updated 1/5/2022

 By Bret Conway    Opinion

Bon temps, part deux

Your cares will disappear When you hear Hallelujah St. Nicholas is here When it’s Christmas time In New Orleans In a column last March, I summarized my travelogue recollections... — Updated 12/29/2021


Holiday classic's message endures

Every holiday season I am thankful I am able to cozy up around the fire with family and friends and rewatch the holiday classics. Images of Clark Griswold hanging lights, the Kranks getting a tan at the mall and Buddy the Elf... — Updated 12/22/2021


Life is worthwhile if you just smile

I smile more to gain ... less. As cheesy as it may sound, I have just started smiling more. (To be honest, my life is pretty great right now). I smile when I wake up early in the mo... — Updated 12/8/2021


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