Writer shares columnist's concern over teardowns

No question, Hinsdale is demolishing the stories that reside in its old homes.

The village is in the throes of a building boom. Lots of stone and brick delivered to job sights. Loads of slate roofing and copper downspouts, too. Weird little dormers sticking out of slate roofs. Massive ground to roofline windows reflecting multi-story staircases. Some of the homes that are being built seem to possess a design that, in my opinion, is cookie-cutter and lacks a certain aesthetic beauty. It seems doubtful that in 100 years, these homes will have much of a story to tell.

Of course, we are free to purchase residential property and tear down the old to make way for the new. But following the leader of the last new home built is daunting.

I need to eat crow. I was an outspoken advocate for tearing down the old ‘relics’ and building new. I’ve done a 180 recently when my favorite historic Georgian was demolished. It is sorely missed. I’m concerned how quickly the heritage of our quaint village is disappearing.

I realize this disappearing act has been an ongoing dialogue for over 30 years.

I’d like the village and Counties of DuPage and Cook to pass tax credit incentives regarding residential properties that have historic value and are vulnerable to teardown. Homebuyers interested in preserving Hinsdale’s history should be rewarded. It’s time to do something. We have to stop losing all of our stories. — Renee Mumford, Hinsdale