What does a psychic medium do?

A reminder to see the dentist wasn't what Meredyth Willits' client was looking for in requesting the medium to reach out to her deceased mother. But moms will be moms, in this life and beyond.

"It's interesting when spirit can give us those cues," said Willits, who said the woman acknowledged an ongoing issue with the exact tooth her mother pointed to. "There's no one more amazed by this than me."

The Hinsdale resident and mother of four said she has been using her special ability to help people commune with their departed loved ones, as well as their own feelings, for about 10 years. Willits recently opened her Soul Solution office on Washington Street where she can listen to her customers as well as any other voices trying to speak up.

Mediumship, Willits explained, refers to a connection with a specific person who has died. Psychic work channels the energy of a living person. As a psychic medium, she does both. Willits said her practice is based not in magic or paranormal powers, but in science.

"Energy is neither created nor destroyed," she related, saying that energy lives on after someone leaves their earthly body. "We're all just big, energetic beings."

Also known as The Chicago Medium, Willits holds private parties where attendees can speak with spirits. But most of her work is with women who are looking for spiritual guidance for their careers and lives. "They're juggling a lot and need a bit of coaching to be successful and happy," Willits said.

Using the person's energy and her own intuitiveness, Willits helps clients to make sense of what they're feeling and to acknowledge their own energy and emotions. Work can be done in person or over the phone, allowing her to meet with clients all over the country and in other parts of the world. Willits doesn't see her abilities as a talent, but as a developed skill that is accessible to all.

"We all have that gut instinct," she said. "Anyone who wants to learn can absolutely learn."

Willits soon will share her experiences as a medium through a podcast, as well. "Meredyth With a Why" is set to launch in early November. Meanwhile, she's working to further her own skills with a course on forensic mediumship. Studying under international medium Thomas John, Willits hopes to hone her skills to help solve cold cases and find missing people. It's one more way she hopes to use her gifts to benefit others.

Through readings Willits said she has helped people make life decisions, heal old wounds, answer questions and strengthen relationships. She's also confident she's enabled spouses to better understand one another and equipped parents to more effectively discern their child's emotions and needs. And she believes she's opened people's minds to the idea of a life beyond the physical world.

"We're all just spiritual beings having a human experience," said Willits, confessing to being constantly surprised by the messages sent through her and the resulting impact in the lives of her clients."

"It gives such hope for life after life."

- by Sandy Illian Bosch

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Sandy Illian Bosch is a contributing writer to The Hinsdalean