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  • Neuroscience, therapy empowers families with ADHD

    Susan Stutzman|Updated Oct 20, 2021

    Parenting an ADHD child is exhausting. Your day is filled with looking for things your child "lost," dealing with careless mistakes, selective listening, fidgeting and epic amounts of redirecting distractibility. And that list is only a small selection of all that you really have to deal with. There are always many other symptoms experienced due to multiple factors - the possibility of multiple diagnoses, your child's biology, personality, environmental settings and life trans...

  • Helping children find the light when darkness looms

    Susan Stutzman|Updated Apr 14, 2021

    A child exhibiting depressive symptoms can feel confusing, scary, overwhelming. It is common to question where it came from and how the feelings started and to wonder where to find hope for their darkness. Depression is a serious condition that should never be ignored. Symptoms such as melancholy, lack of energy and emotion, hopelessness, fog, trouble getting going and tears are warning signs, urging us to do something, change course, slow down and pay attention. When...

  • Three parenting hacks to help an anxious child

    Susan Stutzman|Updated Jan 6, 2021

    When anxious behavior and emotions show up in life it often feels all-encompassing. For a parent of an anxious child, having just the right tools to guide your child through their anxious feelings can feel extremely challenging. Learning how to show up for your anxious child, to walk with them in their feelings and guide them takes practice. There will be struggles and tough moments. The important thing is to work together, helping them with the tough feelings and emotions of...