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  • March Madness of a different kind

    Alegra Waverley|Updated Mar 31, 2021

    The arrival of April 1 also brings final college decisions. Let me be the first to say, it has been a wild ride. The Class of 2021 knew that college applications were going to be like nothing ever before. But surges of applications at Top 50 universities have created what colleges are calling the "most competitive applicant pool in history." March Madness took on a whole new term in my household. The Round of 64: If you were like me and applied early to a handful of schools,...

  • My generation is out of touch with love

    Alegra Waverley|Updated Feb 3, 2021

    With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I have started paying extra close attention to the way the definition of love has changed over the last few decades. Over dinner the other night, my mom told me about the love story of her parents. My grandpa lived in Panama and kept a long distance relationship with my Grandma, who lived in Switzerland. He would call her every night after he got off work. But with the time difference, this would be around 3 a.m. in Switzerland. My...

  • The 'driving around' phenomenon

    Alegra Waverley|Updated Dec 9, 2020

    Behind the steering wheel of my 2016 Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid, I've made some of my best memories. From hearing my favorite song on the radio for the first time, to driving to the city to watch the sunrise with my best friend, to going to school with my younger brother, those are the memories that will stick with me. However, when I tell my parents that I'm going to "drive around with friends," they look absolutely mortified. I'm not sure if it's the fact that my driving record...

  • Standardized tests a whole new ballgame

    Alegra Waverley|Updated Oct 14, 2020

    Picture this: you're walking into Wrigley Field and see the Sox playing. You check your tickets and nope, it's not the Cross Town Classic. That is the same feeling every single junior across Illinois felt when they received email after email, month after month with the subject: ACT CANCELED FOR APRIL. Then, the same thing two months later, ACT CANCELED FOR JUNE. We were walking into the stadium completely blindsided. Only this time, the stadium was our college admissions...