Letter - University student protesters deserve adult's support

Ever since the most recent conflict in the Middle East began, there has been a witch hunt against Ivy League universities, their students and their presidents. Numerous attempts have been made to silence students on these campuses, especially after most of the presidents succumbed to political pressure. Instead of providing a platform for exercising freedom of speech, protesting and engaging in debate, these students have been continuously insulted, labeled, ridiculed and threatened with expulsion and loss of promised jobs. Main media has been mounting smear campaign full of disinformation about violence and false accusations (read more at https://zeteo.com/p/i-am-a-jewish-student-at-columbia). When these methods of intimidation failed, the police and National Guard were called in.

However, politicians seem to forget that these students are our children. And we stand with our kids against bullies. They are our intelligent, forward-thinking, brave children who refuse to inherit a world full of hate and corruption. They are fighting for their future, for their right to call out wrongs and demand corrections. They are children of various religions and skin colors, belonging to different student organizations, united by the shared moral compass that we taught them. We have taught them to be honest, hardworking and to elevate themselves by helping others, and we are so proud of them for upholding these values. Because without them, we would have a generation of leaders lacking any integrity, just Orwellian ‘yes’ sayers. So, let’s stand by our children and demand this madness to stop. — Inga Haveric, Hinsdale