D86 HR head resigns day after meeting

Cheryl Moore has resigned as assistant superintendent of human resources in Hinsdale High School District 86, effective Friday, April 12.

Moore confirmed she had resigned after The Hinsdalean saw her position posted on the District 86 website.

“I’m not really commenting any further than to confirm what I shared with you,” she replied when asked if she had obtained another position.

Moore also declined to comment when asked if her decision had anything to do with the March 21 board meeting, at which board member and administrators had a heated discussion about staffing recommendations.

“Better not comment,” she said.

She did confirm that her resignation letter was dated March 22.

At that meeting, administrators came under fire from board members for the way they handled changes to the course schedule the board had requested at the previous meeting March 14. Board members said they were surprised early bird PE had been offered to all students and not just music students and were disappointed that not all freshmen were informed that honors biology would be running at South in the fall, even though it had not been offered previous years. When board President Cat Greenspon suggested postponing a vote on the staffing plan, Moore requested an open-ended vote that would allow the board to add more staff at an April meeting. Greenspon’s next action was to make a motion to postpone the vote until April 11. It did not pass, and ultimately a staffing plan with 1.8 additional full-time equivalents was approved. Board members encouraged request for more staff if needed for the HAVEN program.

“The forecast does not include any of this,” Moore noted at the meeting. “As you continue to add, the financial aspect also needs to be considered.”

On the next agenda items, the non-renewal of two probationary full-time teachers, board member Peggy James asked if the decision to add 1.8 FTE had any affect on these two individuals.

“That wouldn’t impact it in any way,” Interim Superintendent Becky Nelson responded. “These are just people who will not be invited back. So if the positions still exist then we would fill the positions."

Greenspon wanted to hear from Moore.

“My question to you is why don’t you come up and hear the question before you make a decision?” Greenspon said to her. “That would be appropriate. Thank you.”

Greenspon asked Moore whether the decision to add staff would affect agenda items 4.7, 4.8 and 4.9.

“We would not know that. You are the only one who would know that, Cheryl,” Greenspon said.

“I really am not comfortable having this conversation in open because there are individuals attached to these resolutions,” she said, with Greenspon interjecting comments like “OK” and “thank you” while Moore spoke.

Ultimately the board voted to table the items until April 11.

District 86, in a statement provided upon request, said it is grateful for Moore’s service over the past three years.

“She has been a valuable member of our leadership team and played a vital role in attracting and welcoming in quality teachers, related services staff, support staff, coaches and administrators,” the statement read. “While we are saddened to see her leave, we understand and respect her decision to pursue a new opportunity and wish her nothing but the best moving forward.”

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Pamela Lannom is editor of The Hinsdalean