Magnolia shuts down for renovations

Major overhaul project is likely keep downtown senior living center closed well into 2025

Magnolia Dial Senior Living in downtown Hinsdale has temporarily suspended operations, The Hinsdalean has learned, as the parent company considers "a comprehensive remodel" of the facility.

Last month, officials at the Nebraska-based Dial Senior Living, which purchased the former Eve Assisted Living in 2021, notified The Hinsdalean that Magnolia would be suspending operations as of March 1. In an email response to questions about the firm's plans for the property, Alie Hrabe, Dial's vice president of sales and marketing, revealed that the move was prompted by the need to conduct sweeping building improvements.

"Our initial intent was to undertake an extensive renovation of the community. However, due to the challenges of acquiring the property during COVID, our ability to immediately start the project was limited," Hrabe stated. "Collaborating with architects, engineers and contractors revealed a larger-than-anticipated renovation scope, leading us to opt for a comprehensive remodel encompassing structural, mechanical and aesthetic improvements."

Those envisioned improvements include fully remodeled apartments and a modernized HVAC system, she detailed. Community amenities also are part of the project, such as a tearoom and bistro, a library, a fitness area for group or individual exercise, an updated multi-functional theater space, a cocktail bar and a private dining room.

Asked about the timeline for the project, Hrabe indicated construction is estimated to take up to 14 months once the plans receive village approval. Village officials said an application for the project has not yet been submitted.

Prior to the temporary closing of the 69-unit living center, residents, in consultation with their loved ones, were each relocated "to a community that aligned with their needs and expectations," Hrabe stated.

"We provided residents with a three-month notice and conveyed our willingness to support those needing additional time during the transition," she added.

If all goes according to plan, Hrabe suggested that those considering Magnolia for their future place of residence will have a top-quality facility to look forward to.

"We're reimagining what's possible at Magnolia. From the project's inception, our mission has been to enhance the safety and functionality of the community, creating an environment that's deserving of the residents of Hinsdale and their families," she stated. "Our ultimate goal with this remodel is to elevate Magnolia to standards that align with those of Hinsdale."

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Ken Knutson is associate editor of The Hinsdalean