Metra will have new fare structure Feb. 1

Metra riders will experience some changes in the early months of 2024.

Metra closed its remaining ticket windows at outlying stations on the BNSF Line Monday and windows at all other lines, including downtown stations, will close Feb. 1.

Tickets will be available for purchase through the Ventra app, the new ticket vending machine at the Hinsdale station and on the trains.

A new fare structure also will go into effect Feb. 1, with a variety of new fare prices, products and rules. The new structure reduces the number of fare zones from 10 to four. Fares under the new structure are set at or below pre-pandemic levels.

Riders traveling from Hinsdale, which is in Zone 3, to Chicago, which is in Zone 1, will pay $110 for a month pass and $5.50 for a one-way ticket.

The $7 Saturday, Sunday or holiday day pass will still be available from machines, conductors or the Ventra app, and the $10 weekend pass will be available on the Ventra app only.

February monthly passes will not be available for sale until Feb. 1 due to the transfer to the new structure.

The 10-Ride ticket will not be available for purchase after Jan. 31. The 10-ride ticket is being replaced with a Day Pass 5-Pack, which will be available through the Ventra app.

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