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Jim Slonoff

Greta Dani


How long have you played basketball?

I think I started playing (in Hungary) when I was about 8. I was into swimming, too, but decided to fully focus on basketball when I got to high school.

What do you like about the sport?

I like that it's a team sport and that I get to play with other people and learn their playing styles. I like that we get to experience different emotions together. I'm competitive and I like to win, but I also like to put a lot of work into what I do.

How have you evolved since freshman year?

My freshman year I was more reserved and shy and I didn't play to my full potential. I have become more aggressive and have tried to develop a range of skills. I feel like I'm better team player than I was and a lot stronger with the ball.

How would your teammates describe you?

That I work well under pressure and that I try and encourage them on the court.

What was it like moving here from overseas?

The first half of my freshman year it was remote learning because of COVID. When we returned to in-person school, it was challenging to know what to do and meet people. I was thankful that I spoke English.

What's your goal for the season?

I really want to be able to score more than I have in the past and be more confident in myself whenever I get the ball. I want to be able to take the shot when I have the chance instead of passing it up.

What's your happy place?

I like to travel whenever I have time. I love skiing and going on walks with my dog, Ellie.


I have a younger brother and an older step-brother and step-sister.

Why does coach Erin Navolio like having Dani on the team?

Greta has been a part of the program for four years. She is continuously working to improve her game, including time in the off-season. She has potential to be a standout this season and go on to play in college. As a teammate, she is respected by her peers and always displays positive sportsmanship. We look to Greta to continue to be a great role model for the younger players in the program.

- profile by Ken Knutson, photo by Jim Slonoff


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