Letter - D86 board resignees should offer better explanation

Hinsdale High School District 86 Board of Education consists of seven elected members. Two of those board members, Kay Gallo and Debbie Levinthal, recently resigned within weeks of each other. Both resignations were based on accusations that the D86 board is dysfunctional.

The problem is neither person explained the specifics of that dysfunction. When you make statements like that, the community and sitting board deserve the facts to back them up. Making broad accusations without explaining them is irresponsible.

And now, according to state law, it is the responsibility of the sitting board to replace those two new board members.

School boards are suppose to be elected by the voters to insure they represent the community goals for their children’s education. But we will not elect the two new board members — they will be chosen by the sitting board.

And if Levinthal and Gallo are correct and the sitting board is dysfunctional, that is not good.

Debbie Levinthal and Kay Gallo are responsible for this. The community deserves a lot of answers from them. — Marie Bill, Clarendon Hills