Gallo follows Levinthal out D86 door

Following last week's Hinsdale High School District 86 Board meeting, Kay Gallo announced she had resigned from the post. Gallo had voiced concern during the meeting about the way meeting agendas were being prepared, which is within the purview of board President Cat Greenspon and the superintendent.

Voters returned Gallo to the board last April after she previously served from 2009-17. Her departure comes less than six weeks after the sudden board resignation of Debbie Levinthal, who was two and half years into her first term. Gallo provided The Hinsdalean with a copy of her letter of resignation, in which she cites "tyranny of the leadership" as a factor behind her decision, sharing the "sense of futility and frustration" that Levinthal indicated compelled her to leave.

"I have no faith in this board's leadership," Gallo wrote. "Should the board leadership continue its current trajectory, I fear more damage than good will result.

"During my short time at the table this term, I have witnessed multiple abuses of power, routine violations of policy, protocol and statute, disrespectful treatment of various administrators and an unwillingness to accept with humility any advice to move the board forward.

"In my opinion, this board's leadership is the single greatest obstacle to recruiting and retaining a superintendent of the caliber this district so desperately needs and deserves.

"I am disappointed to end my board service at this time," she concluded. "At this time, I am stepping down since it is clear, this board leadership has a mission and an agenda in direct conflict with best meeting the needs of all students, staff and the district at large."

In a statement, the district expressed appreciation for Gallo's board service and said the vacancy must be filled within 60 days.

"We will keep the community updated on the board's plan for filling this vacancy," the statement read.