D86 statement regarding fundraiser

District 86 released the following statement Friday afternoon about the doughnut fundraiser at the school.

During the past week, a number of people have shared their thoughts and perspectives on the recent fundraiser at Hinsdale Central that was organized to raise money for humanitarian aid in Gaza. Those we have heard from have talked about the importance of using this situation to promote a greater understanding and appreciation for the diverse populations that make up our community. They have also expressed the desire to engage in a dialogue about the ways we can learn from and better support one another.

We know that this situation has heightened the feelings and emotions that exist regarding the conflict in the Middle East. However, we stand with those who recognize that engaging in personal attacks will accomplish nothing. Instead, we believe it is essential that we work together to build upon the unity and strong sense of belonging that are core values of our district and community. We believe it is essential that we focus our time, effort, and energy toward the creation of a nurturing environment in our schools that encourages kindness, compassion, and mutual respect. We also believe it is imperative that we stand together to ensure that every member of our District 86 family feels safe, welcome and supported.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who contributed to the conversation about this situation. The feedback and suggestions we received highlight how much the members of this community care about our students, our staff and each other.