Beware walking this bride down aisle

Series: Hinsdale 150 | Story 43

In 1989, The Hinsdalean's Pam Lannom (then with The Doings) decided to get a head start on Halloween by transforming into a monster bride a week before Oct. 31. The cosmetically creepy result as penned by Lannom we resurrect here as part of our sesquicentennial retrospective.

"Phase I: hair styling

"My transformation from mild-mannered reporter to monster bride began at Gazebo Hair Design in Oak Brook. Albert Cosenza and Joanne Williams, determined to create a truly frightening hairstyle, spent an hour and a half curling, teasing, crimping, spraying and highlighting.

"The two began by setting my hair in perm rods. With two people rolling, it took only 25 minutes, about half the time of a normal perm. Another 25 minutes was spent under the dryer. After removing the rollers and brushing out the curls, Cosenza teased and sprayed and teased again for at least half an hour.

"I had asked for something in traditional monster style, yet with a modern flair. Cosenza, convinced that green highlights were essential, used them liberally."

"Phase II: makeup

"I told Carole Helms, in charge of my makeup, that I didn't want anything too dramatic. I trusted Carole because she has five years of experience as makeup chairwoman at the Theater of Western Springs. Helms began by instructing me to apply my own foundation. After the layer of pancake white was applied, she added a layer of 'Vamp white' incandescent cheek paint.

"Since the eyes are an important feature of any monster, Helms exaggerated the eye makeup with heavy eyebrow pencil and eyeliner. The green and purple eyeshadow she chose contrasted one another beautifully. The green eyeshadow, along with the green rouge, really picked up the green highlights in my hair.

"Helms said a deep scar across my nose and some blood dripping out of the corners of my mouth would add just the right monstrous touches. As she finished my makeup (about half an hour after she started), I began to feel as scary as I looked.

"Phase III: wardrobe

"The dress is the focal point of any bride's appearance, and the 'Monster Bride' outfit at Murray's Partytime was perfect. The black mesh cape gave just the right touch to the outfit.

"Gordon Vong, assistant manager at Murray's, reminded me that accessories make the outfit. He chose some fishnet gloves, spider web earrings and some subtle nail extensions to complete the look.

"Later that night people continued to respond to the monster hair and makeup, even though I had changed back into regular clothes.

" 'You look kind of like my boss,' a White Hen employee told me as I stopped in for a Diet Coke.

" 'Maybe if this guy's boss isn't doing anything on Halloween... ' I thought to myself, 'I still need a date for the wedding...' "

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Pamela Lannom is editor of The Hinsdalean