Student athlete profile - Evan Kurimay

Evan Kurimay

Clarendon Hills

When did you first start running competitively?

My sophomore year in track and field, which was the spring of 2022. I was a (club) soccer player. I was playing and I decided to come run some distance to try to get in shape for soccer.

Why did you stick with it?

I had to travel far away for competitive club soccer. I didn't know anyone from the club. At the same time, I got immersed in the community of running, meeting fantastic coaches and fantastic people and a phenomenal team - almost winning state and winning the midwest Nike regionals and going to nationals. I joined cross country and track and did not do soccer any more.

How do you stay motivated during long runs?

Having other guys around me is really, really helpful. Having my coach and my team really helps motivate me.

What is your mindset while running?

Once the gun goes off and you're off the starting line, it's like entering another world. It's like leaving Earth and entering your own mind. You're just so in the moment. For long runs, you do it so much - you do it every week - it just becomes natural. It's like a zone you enter. You shut your mind off and you just run.

How have you improved since last year?

Statistically, I'd say I've improved significantly. This sport has helped me mature so much faster, learning lessons, what not do and what to do, and just experience. It's all just helped me improve so much, on top of statistics.

What is your goal for the season?

Racing well for my team individually. As a team, hopefully we can be top four, top three at conference and make it to state and place top 10, top eight at state. That would be great. My goal is that we all race well when it matters most.

Why does coach Jim Westphal like having Kurimay on the team?

Evan has a strong desire to be a successful runner and in doing so has been tenacious in his day-to-day preparation as an athlete. Evan has a great attitude and is an excellent role model for the younger athletes in the program. He is always upbeat and positive and up for the daily challenges that are a part of being a distance runner.

- profile by Pamela Lannom, photo by Jim Slonoff

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