Letter - Discussion, not dysfunction, is accurate for the D86 board

Last week, The Hinsdalean misquoted D86’s board president advancing a narrative of a “dysfunctional” board. During the discussion of legal representation, President Greenspon welcomed discussion: “I can ask for discussion so that everybody can provide feedback;” and contrary to the report, Dr. Yonke did not push back. Drs. Yonke and Lechner both support a legal representation review (Levinthal and Greenspon did, as well).

The split 2:5 vote responded to “possible action to withdraw prior approval of minutes.” Levinthal and Gallo both said they individually had “very collegial, gracious conversations” with secretary Ahkras prior to the meeting. At the meeting, Greenspon called for discussion seven times to ensure all voices were heard.

While board votes have been split, in my opinion D86 has a functioning board that votes their conscience. Their willingness to share their voices is refreshing. The work they have accomplished in a short time is unmatched: creating an Academic Committee, hiring two interim superintendents, implementing a national superintendent search and so much more.

This board works tirelessly to move forward. As a true reflection of our community and its commitment to education, the board and administration are working together on data-driven evaluations of all the work completed under the strategic plan to ensure it best supports all students’ growth. The D86 board’s collective actions speak louder than words. — Kim Nibeck Notaro, Hinsdale