Find community at the Hinsdale Public Library

Finding and building community can be a challenge when you are somewhere new - or even somewhere you've lived for some time. As life changes, the communities you need shift, too. But thankfully, when you are fortunate enough to live in Hinsdale, your needs are met with enthusiastic support and options.

As a new resident to Hinsdale last year, the first place I turned was the library. There was something special about getting a library card with my name on it from my new home that made my heart glow.

Growing up, my hometown didn't have, and still does not, have a library - a fact that has made me seek out libraries throughout my life as almost sacred spaces. I happened to love the Hinsdale Public Library so much that I applied for a job and started working in the administration department this spring.

Hinsdale Public Library has become a cornerstone in the community I have built for myself here in this special village. I hope that with every program or service offered, other community members will find something for themselves to reflect the kind of community they need, when they need it.

Residents will find more than just books to get lost in at the library. With the constantly changing programs and displays, there is something for everyone to connect with in one way or another.

With September winding down, there are still a few things to savor at the library before October arrives. A few days remain during National Library Card Signup Month to sign up for your HPL card, celebrating the adventure you're about to begin by taking a picture with our giant library card and fun props. Kids can try their luck at our very first I Spy Case downstairs celebrating :Back to School: before the spooky October I Spy Case is revealed. Families and children can connect at the library and find their communities in our many interactive storytimes and craft sessions.

One of the things that HPL is most excited to present this fall is the Mid-Autumn Festival on Oct. 1. Over 90 volunteers from the Chinese-American community will come to the library to host an event celebrating this joyous tradition. With a talent show, traditional Chinese games, and calligraphy station, Hinsdaleans will get to enjoy festivities all over the library. I am most excited for the tea ceremony! (HPL will be a busy place that Sunday. Street parking is available to the north, east and west of the building. Or, enjoy the crunch of autumn leaves with a relaxing fall walk.)

Another wonderful option for building community is to stop by the library on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. for our drop-in Coffee and Conversation hour, featuring free coffee and doughnuts from local staples Café La Fortuna and Kramer's. That isn't the only way to meet your neighbors - we have a new crochet club, a new moms book group and even a memory café for adults with dementia and their care partners. Visit our website or stop by to learn more.

If you're new to town like I was, or entering a new phase of life, I promise you won't regret getting involved at our wonderful library. I look forward to seeing you here!

- Katherine Wessel is the office manager at Hinsdale Public Library.