Police search for suspect in armed robbery

After an armed robbery at Verizon in Addison the afternoon of Sept. 14, two offenders ended up in Hinsdale after exiting Interstate 294 at Ogden Avenue. One offender was taken into custody at Elm Street and Fuller Road after the car in which they were fleeing was disabled, according to Hinsdale Police Chief Brian King. The second fled on foot through the residential yards to the north and east. A Hinsdale officer observed the offender cross Oak Street and scale a fence at the rear of the Chase Bank Lot. The area was locked down by responding officers and a yard-by-yard search occurred. The police were aided by drones, tracking dogs and an Illinois State Police airplane. An area bounded by Oak, County Line Road, Ogden and Fuller were cordoned off. After each piece of property had been searched in the area, police released the perimeter but continued to maintain a presence in the neighborhood. The offender who eluded capture returned about midnight to find his phone, which he apparently lost while fleeing. Police were notified but were unable to capture him. "Although the search for the second individual was not successful, I feel confident of his eventual identification and arrest," King said. (Jim Slonoff photos)