Central Homecoming a roll of the dice

Red Devils enjoy a full week of activities in lead up to the annual game, student dance

Viva Las Vegas, the Red Devil way.

Hinsdale Central is in the midst of its Homecoming week celebrations around the theme of Vegas Vacation. Varsity Club members and homecoming co-chairs Emma-Sofia Gaytan, Elena Koulouris and Anjika Kumar, all seniors, said the motif was originally considered for last spring's Prom.

"Since we loved the idea so much, we decided to move it to Homecoming," Koulouris said.

Activities kicked off Monday with students encouraged to wear airport outfits, offered temporary tattoos at lunch and the staging of the annual Powder Puff girls football game Monday night on Dickinson Field.

On Tuesday students the dress code was tacky tourist, and students were treated to Family Feud-like trivia games at lunch and an evening bonfire on the Grant Street field.

Speaking on Tuesday about coordinating the school spirit festivities, the co-chairs said it's been a labor of love.

"It makes the week more of an experience and helps to build the excitement for everybody," Kumar said.

"I practically live at school this whole week," Gaytan quipped.

The girls said Vegas Vacation affords a lot of latitude for planning activities. Koulouris said they've also incorporated elements of classic American tendencies when taking a trip abroad.

"Instead of it being just casino-themed, we did like a whole weekend trip to Vegas," she related.

"Making it a trip gave us more ideas for Spirit Week," Gaytan added.

Like tacky tourist day, which Gaytan did her best to project in a Hawaiian shirt sporting a fanny pack and lei.

"I promise I don't dress like this on a regular basis," she said, eliciting laughter while opening her fanny pack. "I have a mini-sunscreen in here and Altoids."

The lei was a giveaway that all students received. On Monday it was candy for all.

"During lunch every single day we have a different activity," Kumar said. "Tomorrow (Wednesday) we have the dunk tank."

Unfortunately that event came after The Hinsdalean went to press, but Principal Bill Walsh and athletic director Mike Jezioro were among those rumored to have been slated for a soaking.

"Students loved it last year," Gaytan said.

The Homecoming court's participation in the tank seemed to be split along gender lines, they said.

Brainstorming for the week's events began in May, and club members were busy this summer before school resumed, preparing materials to stoke enthusiasm among their peers.

"We put posters in every single (bathroom) stall in school so students will not miss it," Gaytan said.

The Homecoming football game is Friday night against York. Construction of the float for Saturday morning's Homecoming parade was also on Tuesday's agenda. They said Red Devil Nation devotees of all ages should not miss it.

"We have 3D dice, we have giant cards," Kumar said.

"We'll be passing out candy, frisbees..." Gaytan added.

"And poker chips," club sponsor and Central teacher Maria Cotter interjected.

The football team and marching band also will be featured in the parade.

The Homecoming dance is Saturday night, and the fun will be offered in various forms.

"We have a regular photo booth, we have a 3D photo booth," Kumar revealed. "We have multiple caricature artists. We have an ice cream cart."

Oh, and 20 casino tables.

"We'll have craps, blackjack, roulette and Texas hold 'em," Gaytan said.

"People can play with fake chips," Kumar explained.

Homecoming Court royalty will be announced at the end of the dance. Until then, hungry revelers can fill up at the red food station.

"Any snack that has red packaging - just to go with Central's school color," Gaytan said.

"It's all about the spirit," Kumar remarked.

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Ken Knutson is associate editor of The Hinsdalean