Letter - Letter on scooters, electric bikes, omits key factor

Of course motorists need to be aware and use caution regarding kids on electric scooters and bikes and the writer (July 13 letter) correctly points out that a parent’s worst nightmare is losing a child and parents should be teaching safety to their kids. This misses a most important element: Why do parents purchase these electric bikes and scooters and leave their kids unsupervised?

Senior citizens have had close encounters with riders on sidewalks crossing storefronts. Kids are observed riding fast the wrong way on First Street, behind cars backing from diagonal spaces, in a driver’s blind spot.

Even on sidewalks kids are crossing driveways and alley exits rapidly without caution. Very few obey basic traffic laws. The letter states that the bikes perform at 8-15 mph, but the class 3 bikes have a top end over 30 mph and kids have been observed with class 3 bikes in violation of state law regarding age requirements.

If a parent gave a loaded weapon to a child and it resulted in injury, the parent would be cited for endangering the life and welfare of a child or worse. If a child is seriously injured or injures another person on an electric device, why wouldn’t that parent be cited in a similar manner?

As a former first responder who has seen seriously injured kids, I become increasingly concerned when a child is observed riding in a hazardous manner. The pertinent question here is why a parent would places their child and others in harm’s way? — Joe Craig, Hinsdale