Letter - Dogs deserved more than 1 point in columnist's tally

In contrast to a recent guest commentary, I posit the case is overwhelmingly for dogs. Not against dogs.

On behalf of dogs everywhere, I humbly offer this partial inventory and recount. Seeing-eye dogs. Bomb-sniffing dogs. Guard dogs. Hunting dogs. Police dogs. Seizure-sensing dogs. Service dogs. Sheep herding dogs. Sled dogs. Search and rescue dogs. Drug-sniffing dogs.

And these are just the top-of-mind jobs dogs perform for us. We ask and dogs willingly meet the challenge. They love us more than they love themselves, channeling their exceptional abilities in an ever-expanding number of lifesaving and life-improving ways upon which we depend. It is no wonder dog owners live longer lives. Yes, it begins with love, but it certainly does not end there.

I am not sure what the final score is for dogs, but it is far greater than one. As Will Rogers said: “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.” — Karen Moberly, Hinsdale