The Swanson Group of Compass Real Estate was a team long before they sold their first house.

"We started dating in high school," said Sarah, who along with husband Michael make up the Swanson Group real estate team. She was Sarah Buddig before marrying fellow Hinsdale Central grad and lifelong Hinsdalean Michael after college.

The son of two real estate agents, Michael got his real estate license right after college, while Sarah headed to law school. As Michael's downtown real estate business grew, Sarah made the choice to join him, and the Swanson Group was born.

Sarah said clients who choose the Swanson Group benefit from the time, attention and experience of two dedicated agents.

"Doing it together makes it so much more manageable," said the mother of three little boys.

By working as a pair, the Swansons said they have time and energy for their family and their business.

"We're ultra available to everyone," Sarah said.

Like many of their clients, the Swansons made their home in Chicago after college, but headed back to Hinsdale when it came time to start a family. Sarah said their oldest son was just two weeks old when they left Lincoln Park for the familiar surroundings where they grew up and where their extended families still live.

"We have a lot of people who we sold their first condo to downtown," said Michael.

Now, those same people are turning to the Swanson Group to help them make the move back to the suburbs. Along with young parents moving back to their hometown, Michael and Sarah said their clients range from first-time buyers to empty nesters looking to downsize.

"We have a very, very big range," Sarah said.

Unlike many Chicago area agents, the Swansons don't do business throughout the suburbs. Sarah said she and Michael choose to focus on what they know - Hinsdale and Chicago.

"We make it a point to be hyper, hyper local," Sarah said.

That makes it possible for the Swansons to offer personal, hands-on service. If a client is having work done at their new home, for instance, Sarah can stop by to check on the progress while the buyer or seller is out of town.

The couple's deep Hinsdale roots and love of the village equip them with a knowledge and familiarity that they're eager to share with new buyers. Sarah said she and Michael can help new Hinsdale residents with tips and information to make their move easier and make them feel at home.

Even in a seller's market, Hinsdale buyers expect a certain level of quality when it comes to buying a home, Sarah said.

"The product has to be great," she said, adding that a home that doesn't sell quickly, for whatever reason, raises questions and doubts in the potential buyer. The Swansons help their sellers to prepare their homes for a quick sale, reminding them that a small investment of time and money can bring bigger dollars and a quicker closing.

With few homes on the market, buyers looking for their Hinsdale home need patience and an open mind, Sarah said. While an available home might not look perfect to the buyer at first glance, she and Michael can help the buyer see the changes that could make it so. They even have a network of trusted contractors, business owners and craftspeople to get the job done.

"We'll make those things happen," Sarah said. - by Sandy Illian Bosch

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Sandy Illian Bosch is a contributing writer to The Hinsdalean