Letter - Woman thanks Good Samaritans for giving aid

On May 9 I was visiting my daughter and her family from Wyoming. I was enjoying the beautiful spring morning when I encountered a uneven sidewalk and went flying through the air, hit my skull on the cement and broke my hand.

When I got up and started to gather my thoughts, I shakily tried to dial my daughter and son-in-law for help. I finally located their number on my phone, got a hold of them and tried to describe my location and situation. They were about 5 miles away. I told them I was somewhere on Madison Street in front of the school, but because I was from out of state, I was unsure.

As I was trying to gather myself, two women runners came along to help me. They offered to call an ambulance and went into a porta potty and gathered some paper towels to help with the bleeding. They also offered to stay with me. Being a runner myself, I didn’t want to disrupt their run. I appreciated them so much.

My daughter and son-in-law were there within minutes and took me to the ER. I later had hand surgery and two pins put in my hand.

I wanted to thank those two lovely women. One was blonde with a Boston marathon hat on and the other a brunette. I was so appreciative of the kindness and concern they showed. So whoever you two ladies are, thank you so much for stopping to check on me and making sure I was OK. — Lynn Kershisnik, Wyoming