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These students from Hinsdale earned a place on the dean’s list or equivalent at their respective colleges and universities for the spring 2023 semester.

• Christina Aucion, University of Iowa

• Max Aziz, University of Wisconsin-Madison*

• Kelly Baird, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Rachel Bergstrom, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Caitlin Brankin, Marquette University

• Catcher Brown, University of Wisconsin-Madison*

• Declan Cain, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Meredith Callahan, University of Alabama**

• Joshua Cash, University of Kentucky

• Ella Centracchio, University of Alabama

• Hannah Eichelman, Marquette University

• Matthew Elder, University of Iowa

• Hana Freburg, University of Alabama

• Jenna Frizzell, University of Alabama**

• Dilan Garg, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Juliana Gee, University of Iowa

• Jack Glenn, University of Iowa

• Gabrielle Gottfried, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Eris Golden, Southern Illinois University

• Justin Gomez, University of Alabama

• Maia Groom, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Liam Halpin, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Julia Hanley, Marquette University

• Lauren Harris, Ohio State University

• Lily Hart, University of Iowa

• Tucker Hawthorne, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Michael Hinchman, Ohio State University

• Katie Hughes, University of Georgia**

• Maureen Isaac, Ohio State University

• Marie Iwanski, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Katelyn Johns, Marquette University

• Jonathan Kobus, University of Alabama

• Annie Krillenberger, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Elizabeth Larson, University of Kentucky

• Haley Lopez, University of Alabama

• Carly McClear, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Maeve McInerney, University of Alabama**

• Katherine Melvin, University of Alabama

• Michael Moser, Ohio State University

• Ruhi Nagarkatte, University of Wisconsin-Madison*

• Eva O’Hea, Ohio State University

• Emma O’Hea, Ohio State University

• Olivia Ostrowski, College of William & Mary

• Alexandra Pavalon, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Connor Phillips, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Olivia Plumpe, Ohio State University

• Matthew Ritz, University of Alabama**

• John Rivera, Ohio State University

• Julianne Roberts, University of Iowa

• Emma Schackart, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Joey Sullivan, Marquette University

• Cade Sweeney, University of Alabama

• Trey Tabachka, University of Wisconsin-Madison*

• Kylie Torsberg, Ohio State University

• Eloise Van Eekeren, University of Mississippi

• Emma Watcke, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Alegra Waverley, University of Wisconsin-Madison

* dean’s honor list

** president’s list/

presidential scholar


These Hinsdale students earned their degrees in spring 2023 commencement ceremonies.

• Christina Aucoin, bachelor’s in nursing, University of Iowa

• Adam Baluch, bachelor’s, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

• Jacob Burr, bachelor’s in art, University of Iowa

• Christopher Deligiannis, bachelor’s in business administration, University of Iowa

• Griffin Doney, bachelor’s in enterprise leadership, University of Iowa

• Sophie Eck, bachelor’s in communication studies, University of Iowa

• Hannah Eichelman, bachelor’s in nursing, Marquette University

• Tess Ellithorpe, bachelor’s in business administration, University of Iowa

• Jenna Frizzell, bachelor’s in education, University of Alabama

• Jack Glenn, bachelor’s in communication studies, University of Iowa

• John Hofmann, bachelor’s in computer science, University of Iowa

• Macalister McClear, certificate in leadership studies, University of Iowa

• Katherine Melvin, bachelor’s and master’s in management information systems, University of Alabama

• Charles Parse, master’s in business administration, University of Alabama

• Joey Sullivan, bachelor’s in marketing, Marquette University

• Tyler Jurack, master’s in professional accountancy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

• Grace Risinger, bachelor’s, Bucknell University

• Ethan Valeo, bachelor’s in finance, Marquette University

• Thomas Willemse, bachelor’s, Fairfield University


The following Hinsdale members of the Class of 2023 graduated from Nazareth Academy in LaGrange Park at a May 21 commencement ceremony.

They are Diana Anos, Grace Carstensen, Dylan Colbert, Emma Francis, Jack Francis, Harrison Gianares, Zachary Hayes, Kenna Hewitt, Caroline Kelly, Brady Linn, James Mercurio, Lucas Smith and Tate Vaughan.