Letter - Runner says its time for village to turn fountains back on

Can someone explain why the public water fountains in Hinsdale are off?

I know during the pandemic public fountains in schools, office buildings, airports, parks, etc. were turned off. But those have been brought back into service. Except in Hinsdale. As a runner, walker, biker, I have relied on those fountains. I used to stop by the tennis courts in Robbins Park or the fountains on Washington Street or the pool. Those fountains are still turned off.

I know many people carry a water bottle on their walks, but for me during an hour-long run it isn’t practical. Fortunately, the fountains are on in Clarendon Hills, so I can adjust my route. But, why? If other municipalities can keep the water on, why can’t Hinsdale? — Arlene R. Jarzab