Student athlete profile - Jack Treiber

Jack Treiber



At what age did get you hooked on tennis?

Probably when I was around 10, going into middle school. That's when I started playing serious tennis. My sister plays tennis at the U of I.

What do you love about the sport?

Just the energy when you're playing a really tough, gritty match. You have to hone in on yourself and find a different head space to finish and win the match.

What does it mean to be part of the Central tennis program?

It's very important. We're the best program in the state, and we have to keep up our reputation. I just feel like I have to prove to everybody that we're the best.

As team captain, how do you try to lead the squad?

My job is pretty much to keep everybody classy - we like to win but with class and always be respectful. I try to keep everybody's heads up and on the right track.

How would you teammates describe you?

I think they'd say they look up to me, that I'm trustworthy and a good person to go to for help.

Do you have any pre-match routines?

We always do our warm-up to make sure our bodies are in the right state to play. We're usually always listening to music before a match. "Relax My Eyes" is one of our favorites.

What's your goal for the season?

To win state, Were going to go all the way. In every match we don't want to give anyone the confidence of affecting our reputation.

Do you have other special talents?

Recently I've become pretty good at solving Rubik's Cube.

What's your post-Central plan?

I'm committed to go to Auburn University to study business and law. I'd like to play club tennis.

Why does coach John Naisbitt like having Treiber on the squad?

He's a four-year program guy and comes from a great tennis family. He's the captain of our 2023 team and is an incredible ambassador for us, a well-disciplined, excellent player who we think the world of. He's the model of what we expect out of the Hinsdale Central boys tennis program.

- profile by Ken Knutson, photo by Jim Slonoff

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Ken Knutson is associate editor of The Hinsdalean