Letter - Greenspon the decisive choice for D86 Board

Cat Greenspon is the candidate running for the BOE who consistently demonstrates her commitment to work tirelessly on the behalf of ALL students in D86.

“It is time for our district to support all student growth and achievement through data-driven initiatives that maximize each student’s full potential,” said Cat at several forums. Her platform is fact-based, and she has the drive, the intelligence, and years of committee involvement with Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South working toward this end goal. She is driven by providing the resources so every student in D86 can maximize their potential - whether it is a trade school, community college, the Transition Center, or a four-year degree and beyond.

Cat’s vast command of the data supporting the issues facing the district is apparent and unparalleled. She’s acquired this knowledge through participation, listening, and digging into the data - the raw data, not just the charts or headlines. She’ll enhance decision making dialogue while fostering collaboration on the board. She’s capable of examining and understanding a myriad of viewpoints because she is attuned to the diversity in our community. Her diligent fact-finding to understand and articulate core issues allows others to come to informed decisions. Fiscal responsibility is another strength.

Her volunteerism at the public level is a fraction of what she does anonymously for the community, the students, administration, and those in need. She gives fully, genuinely and without expectation.

Vote for Cat for ALL D86 students, present and future. —Kristin McDaniel, Hinsdale