Letter - Former state senator applauds endorsement of Gallo

As a District 86 parent, alum, retired state senator and the son of a longtime Hinsdale Central and South teacher, I applaud The Hinsdalean endorsement of Kay Gallo for its board. Kay previously served with distinction as District 86’s former board president. Importantly, she served one term on a feeder school’s board.

Gallo is collaborative, approachable and respectful — traits sorely needed in these tumultuous times. Her dedication to our high school students, parents and taxpayers is unparalleled. My wife and I are impressed with how Kay continued to attend board meetings as a citizen following her expired term on the board.

Kay Gallo is the perfect bridge between the Hinsdale high schools’ celebrated past and successful future. She embraces the entire community and her prudent passionate experience is an asset. — Kirk W. Dillard, Hinsdale