Letter - Cat Greenspon is what the D86 Board needs

I have had the opportunity to work with Cat for several years as a volunteer for the Hinsdale Central PTO. During her tenure on the PTO executive board, she has prove that she is a compassionate leader who gets things done and will always put students first.

Cat is an active volunteer within the district who is not afraid to dig in and get involved. She has held leadership positions in both the Hinsdale Central PTO and Music Parents Association and has spent countless additional hours volunteering for other clubs and organizations within the district. I have no doubt she will apply the same amount of energy and enthusiasm to the D86 Board.

Cat’s leadership style is strong, but considerate. While she is incredibly fact and data-driven, she also openly listens to the opinions of others, collaborating throughout any decision-making process to try to find the best solution. Her ability to collaborate will be a plus to the D86 Board.

Having attended many board meetings over the past several years, she is well-versed in the issues. She understands the need to continue to maintain educational excellence in the district and believes in meeting students where they are academically, so that all student needs are met. Her in-depth understanding of the issues, combined with her compassionate leadership, fact-based decision-making and student-first mindset will make her an outstanding addition to the D86 Board, and I strongly support her candidacy. — Mary Henneman, Hinsdale