Letter - Akhras, Gallo, Greenspon best choices for D86

From attending almost every D86 board meeting since 1995, I’ve learned an important lesson: a school board is seven unique individuals, each one bringing to the table their own special background, knowledge, and skills.

Three great candidates — Asma Akhras, Kay Gallo, and Catherine “Cat” Greenspon — will be even stronger in combination as they serve on the board. They share important commonalities — longtime volunteer work in our schools, other community service and a proven ability to collaborate and find the common ground, even when not everyone sees eye to eye.

As value added, each candidate brings her own personal “special powers.” To name just a few: Asma Akhras is professional consultant on curriculum who has volunteered with the Darien 61 and Hinsdale South Foundations. Kay Gallo is an eight-year D86 board member who is also an experienced IT professional. Cat Greenspon is a longtime volunteer at both high schools and is now vice president of the Hinsdale Central PTO.

Post-pandemic, these three candidates recognize that academic decline has occurred in the district, and all three have a plan to address it. Candidate Andrew Catton expresses concern for the academic success of our students, but his recent, publicly posted attacks on American public school teachers and staff, such as an article titled “Assume public schools sexually abuse your kids ’til proven otherwise” are based on no evidence and are obviously not constructive.

Three candidates — Akhras, Gallo, Greenspon — will bring the community together, as they work for every student’s best potential and personal dream. — Linda Burke, Hinsdale