Good news


The Hinsdale Assembly has announced its 2023 Debutantes and Honor Guards. These young women and men will engage in a number of community service projects and social activities throughout the year and will participate in the Hinsdale Assembly Ball Dec. 23 at the Hilton Oak Brook Hills Resort. For 2023, the Hinsdale Assembly has committed to donate to the very much-needed renovation of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UChicago Medicine AdventHealth Hinsdale Hospital. This Level III NICU (the highest designation in the state of Illinois) has not been renovated in more than 20 years.

The 2023 debutantes are

• Diana Nicolette Anos, daughter of Artemis and John Anos

• Kyra Li Brannigan, daughter of Robert and Pauline Brannigan

• Haley Elizabeth Cashman, daughter of Christi and John Cashman

• Clara Elizabeth Chalut, daughter of Emily and Erik Chalut

• Emma Gray Francis, daughter of Kelly and John Francis III

• Ann Ostlie Haarlow, daughter of Laurel and William Haarlow

• Elena Grace Henneman, daughter of Mary and Mark Henneman

• Mary-Margaret Katherine Lewis, daughter of Katherine Lewis and Christopher Lewis

• Clarisse Suzanne Maël Marie Lorin, daughter of Stacy and Marc Lorin

• Mallory Margaret Moore, daughter of Mimi and Gregory Moore

• Phebe Bahija Moulfarha, daughter of Rebecca Dunkle and Noureddine Moulfarha

• Madeline Jean Murray, daughter of Angela and Michael Murray

• Kaitlyn Joy Poulos, daughter of Joy and Peter Poulos

• Fiona Elizabeth Reenan, daughter of Jennifer and Neal Reenan

• Margaret Susan Rhoads, daughter of Merribeth and Russell Rhoads

• Avery Campbell Rigazio, daughter of Anne and John Rigazio

• Elizabeth Virginia Salisbury, daughter of Maureen and Eric Salisbury

• Mallory Elizabeth Turner, daughter of Deborah and Daniel Turner

• Grace Caroline Van Houtte, daughter of Emily and Andrew Van Houtte

• Taylor Hart Varchetto, niece of Kimberly Beard

The 2023 honor guards are

• Alexander Brian Chung, son of Margaret and Brian Chung

• Luke Koh Chung, son of Megan and Sung Chung

• Samuel Koh Chung, son of Megan and Sung Chung

• Ethan Frank Fisher, son of Kassandra and Mark Fisher

• John Joseph Francis IV, son of Kelly and John Francis III

• Timothy Michael Gambla, son of Laura and John Gambla

• Yaash Iyengar, son of Neha and Vivek Iyengar

• James Alexander Mercurio, son of Kimberly and James Mercurio

• Nicholas Alan Muñoz, son of Lorenzo and Christine Muñoz

• Thomas John Neil, son of Nancy and Thomas Neil

• Finn Patrick O’Meara, son of Bridget and Brian O’Meara

• William Woodney Otten, son of Kelli and the late Mr. John Otten

• Andrew James Posthuma, son of Erica and Matthew Posthuma

• Sahan Chand Sahgal, son of Nishi and Rohit Sahgal

• Holden Daniel Satre, son of Stephanie and Lucas Satre

• James Louis Spagoletti, son of Angie and John Spagoletti

• Jonathon Daniel Steil, son of Christina and Gregory Steil

• Gregory George Theotikos, son of Lena and George Theotikos

• John Trainer III, son of Christine and John Trainer Jr.

• Charles Henry Wittemann, son of Carol and Christopher Wittemann


These college students from Hinsdale earned a place on the dean’s list for the fall 2022 semester at their respective colleges and universities.

• Giorgio Arquilla, Tufts University

• Quinn Cain, Tufts University

• Grace Campbell, Tufts University

• Ethan Harrast, Hamilton College

• Ella Kisluk, Baylor Univesisty

• Grace Kisluk, Baylor University

• Sharah Lotsoff, Tufts University

• Christopher Klimkowski, Baylor University

• Caroline Kotarski, Baylor University

• Sophie Zajdela, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Hinsdale Middle School seventh-grader Srinidhi Rao qualified to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee May 30-June 1 outside Washington, D.C. She was named co-champion at HMS before winning in the DuPage Regional Spelling Bee Feb. 23.