Letter - DuPage Policy Journal isn't a real newspaper

I wanted to raise attention to a disgraceful political piece of mail disguising itself as real news. This week my household received a copy of the DuPage Policy Journal. If the name seems vaguely familiar it’s because this was one of last fall’s fake newspapers that were little more than political junk mail. Now with school board elections coming up, the imposter newspaper has returned from the dead (despite being widely called out and seemingly unsuccessful last time around). This time, they seem to be trying harder to hide their political affiliation, even adding a sports section to masquerade as an actual newspaper. But a quick perusal of the paper reveals its true intentions (and the fact that of 11 articles, only one has an actual author).

Whatever your political affiliation, a partisan actor trying to spread their message by disguising themselves as a legitimate newspaper is deeply alarming. Make your political points, campaign for your candidate, but have the integrity to put your name on it. Don’t hide behind a fake newspaper and the illusion of nonpartisanship. — Juliana Rev, Hinsdale