Letter - Greenspon brings experience, integrity to D86

There are criteria I want to see in a D86 board candidate, which include experience, passion, focus, intelligence, time, energy and integrity. Catherine “Cat” Greenspon encompasses each requirement equally. Catherine works with both of our local high schools to understand needs of students and/or seeing what activity she can join, or create, to assist whenever possible.

I share a value system with Catherine that includes extensive service work with our local and surrounding communities. It seems wherever I am relative to our schools, I see Catherine. In one of her service roles during the pandemic, Catherine hosted the Music Parent Association meetings over zoom, including parents, teachers and our school principal, respecting people’s opinions and their time. She led the 30+ person meeting with positivity, giving everyone a lift during uncertain times. This spirit is shown in meetings as the VP of the HCHS PTO while coordinating events such as the magical annual holiday teacher extravaganza, where a portion of one school becomes a winter wonderland presenting early morning breakfast for the teachers, accompanied by the fabulous school band and choir. Many view Catherine being comfortable at the helm, but few know she is also picking up the bagels and coffee for others or carrying out trash at the end of an event.

Catherine is kind and caring, especially when no one is looking. She has board member qualities plus a value system and character traits giving others around her confidence that things will improve under her watch. — Lori Thompson, Clarendon Hills