Letter - Gallo, Greenspon have earned voter's support

As a resident of D86 for nearly three decades, I’ve seen lots of different school board elections. I know firsthand the challenges of running for elective office. One cannot ignore the huge impact that schools have on our children, I’ve had a son and daughter graduate from D86, as well the significant value of our homes are influenced by the quality of our schools. Partly because of what I’ve seen, I have tried to be active in the Clarendon Hills Caucus where I am confident we’re putting forth an excellent and uncontested slate of candidates.

Sadly efforts to revive a caucus for all of D86 have not been successful.

That said there are two candidates that I can wholeheartedly support. Kay Gallo has previously served D86 and her level-headedness, dedication and unflappable efforts to build consensus will surely serve all stakeholders. Similarly the analytic qualities, concern for students and bridge-building that Cat Greenspon has shown through this process will help guide the district forward.

The education background of Asma Akras is on the one hand impressive but it also raises concerns that perhaps she will become too entrenched in the educational controversies that have stymied others. Similarly, though Andrew Catton has some common-sense approaches to refocus the district on educational declines, it is a concern that he is strident in ending DEI efforts.

One must weigh the previous BOE members who changed positions for the worse after winning office. I look forward to penetrating questions. — John J. Czerwiec, Clarendon Hills