Letter - Gallo, Greenspon, Catton will put D86 students first

Tuesday, April 4, ushers in an extremely important election for the board of education for Hinsdale Township High School District 86. This community cannot allow voter apathy (historically 15-17 percent turnout) to define this election. There is simply too much at stake!

With three open seats and five candidates, in order to put this District back on track, vote 2-3-4 on the ballot to get the best candidates seated on the board of education: Kay Gallo, Catherine Greenspon and Andrew Catton.

Each of these three candidates has been attending board of education meetings over the last two years to voice their support for our students and teachers. They consistently address the board with data-driven pleas to reject certain policy considerations. They are raising awareness to the recent changes that fail to appropriately serve our students.

Grading changes discount and discourage homework. Exam retakes do not hold students accountable and put pressure on teachers who struggle to move forward as they accommodate those in need of retakes. Now, in the four-year teacher contract, D86 extended early release Wednesdays, with a minimum 28 days delivering less instructional time while counting each as a full day. Total instructional hours are significantly less than what prior students enjoyed pre-pandemic.

And now the consideration to re-imagine finals?

These are just a few concerns these three candidates want to address and your vote for each of them (Gallo, Greenspon, Catton) will ensure focus is on our most important stakeholder — the students. — Joseph Corcoran, Hinsdale