Letter - Akhras, Willoughby understand role of board member

Asma Akhras and Deborah Willoughby would be excellent members of the D86 Board of Education.

Asma and Deborah understand the role of a board member. In contrast to the sensationalized image of members constantly engaging in contentious debates about the future of education, the real work of a BOE is incredibly boring.

These two candidates care about setting students up for success, ensuring fair opportunities to quality education and ensuring the efficient use of district funds. BOE members have no substantive role in hiring teachers or staff; they don’t have much of a role in curriculum; their opinion about what’s offered at lunch carries next to no weight. Those are managerial decisions.

Asma and Deborah fully recognize that their role is to reach a consensus on big goals, set the leadership tone and foster an environment where educators and administrators can have professional discussions and do their jobs. They get it, and from what I have seen, the other three candidates are applying for a position that does not and should not exist. — Urszula Tanouye, Willowbrook