Letter - Akhras brings knowledge, thoughtfulness to D86

I have witnessed the integrity and thoughtfulness Asma Akhras brings to every discussion during the 18 years I have known her. Asma is the only candidate with expertise in education, which will be extremely helpful in guiding the important process to hire the next superintendent and assistant superintendent. Asma’s experience as a teacher, school accreditation expert and implementer of curriculum nationwide is invaluable to the D86 Board of Education. She knows how to use data to hold the administration accountable and evaluate important policies on grading, courses and making sure all students have the opportunity to succeed.

Asma has spent the past two months getting to know D86 administrators, board members and the community, cultivating important relationships necessary to tackle key issues. These meetings, coupled with her expertise, helped her identify the need to develop school improvement plans for each school to ensure accountability and growth. In addition, as a mother of two D86 grads and a current freshman, Asma understands the wide range of needs of different students. Asma Akhras has my vote on April 4 for the D86 Board of Education. — Nagla Fetouh, Willowbrook