Letter - Akras, Gallo and Greenspon right choices for D86 board

In 2011 when I arrived in Hinsdale, I was struck by the strong sense of community endorsement of public education. As a certified educational planner and an independent educational consultantg who works with D86 teens, this was important to me. Over the last few years, I have been dismayed by the lack of vision and cohesiveness in D86. That is why I am supporting Asma Akhras, Kay Gallo and Catherine Greenspon for the D86 Board of Education elections on April 4.

Asma is steeped in educational expertise and is a D86 parent, the only candidate from the Hinsdale South area.

Kay has actual board experience having been on the D86 board for a total of eight years (2009-17), two of them as president.

“Cat” Greenspon has been active with the Hinsdale Central PTO, vice-president (2022-present) and secretary two years before. She is also president of the Hinsdale Central Music Parents Association.

All three candidates believe in equal opportunity for all students to achieve their potential and goals. All three support both science pathways at both high schools. If you care about the future of our high schools, please plan to vote in the 2023 consolidated election. Early voting has started for the District 86 School Board. Apathy is not an option. Vote Akhras, Gallo and Greenspon. — Laila Alamuddin, Hinsdale