Letter - Airbnb rental homes really don't belong in Hinsdale

File this under things you never imagine happening next door. A person or investment group turning the unsold house next door into an unregulated hotel where up to four groups of people a week cycle through, leaving heaps of trash in their wake.

Yes, Airbnb has come to Hinsdale and living next to one is uncomfortable at best and frightening at worst.

I know short-term rentals are not allowed in residential districts, but the village needs to get more involved. I invite you to join me in urging the Village Board of Trustees and the building and zoning department to address this issue as soon as possible.

Life happens. Families may need a spot to stay while moving, especially when building or renovating their current or future home. It’s also nice to offer one’s home to family members for a stay while traveling.

There is no reason whatsoever to allow single-night or weekend rentals to unknown people who simply find and book online. Not a single person in Hinsdale purchased or signed a long-term lease on a home next to hotel and none of us should have to live next to one now.

One individual or investment group’s desire to make a couple of hundred dollars a night should not supersede the safety and quality of life of residents who contribute to the spirit of our beloved hometown.

Short-term rentals are wrong for Hinsdale. — Michelle Crowe, Hinsdale