Former D86 board member served with, supports Gallo

I am pleased to submit this endorsement letter in support of Kay Gallo for a seat on the District 86 Hinsdale Township High School Board to be elected in April. I recently served with her for two years — in 2015-17 — and came away impressed with her performance in many ways. With well over a decade as a local school board member in two different districts, I saw firsthand that she really knows the job, grasps local educational issues from A to Z and understands the commitment and considerable time and hard work that the job demands.

As a fellow board member, I always found Kay to strive to be fair and impartial in her dealings with the other board members, senior staff and the public at large, no matter how heated things occasionally got! Her sense of calm and sticking to the business at hand served us and the D86 community well. She always kept in mind that we were on the board to serve all the residents of District 86 and not just particular segments of it. That mindset helped guide and benefited all of us as stakeholders for a very important part of our community.

We would do very well to return Kay to the D86 Board. I hope that she’ll be back! — Ralph “Cash” Beardsley, Darien