Catton's views on equity are alarming, wrong for D86

Someone other than D86 candidate Andrew Catton purchased a website and used it to share a letter that Catton emailed to the board of education last year.

Distasteful political tactics aside, the contents of that email are alarming. Catton calls for the firing of those associated with D86 equity work and singles out the director of instruction equity, Dr. Payne.

Catton writes, “The real risk from the DIE/ anti-racist agenda is that it has an active subculture of violence and is a proponent of it.” He goes on to ask, “How many future D86 students will be victimized by racially motivated attacks brought on and inspired by the DIE/anti-racist curriculum and director?”

Mr. Catton’s views are misguided and profoundly misrepresent the important equity initiatives. If we want to be a racial tolerant community that supports all students, we can start by not electing Mr. Catton to the board of education on April 4. — Julie Zordani, Clarendon Hills