Historical society grateful for Bohnen's contributions

The board of trustees and the members of the Hinsdale Historical Society mourn the loss of Penny Bohnen, a great friend of the society, who time and again brought her energy, connections, experience, joy and resolve to needs, problems, special occasions and, above all, people, on behalf of the society and the Hinsdale community.

With the society, Penny was hands-on with fund raising for the rehabilitation of Immanuel Hall and bringing programs and activities to its unique space, helping organize the popular annual Kitchen Walk, and being a constant and passionate voice for appreciating and preserving Hinsdale’s history.

Penny left us her remarkable history — her caring, her spirit, her faith in the society and Hinsdale, and an abundance of things we’ll long remember.

Thank you, Penny.

Our condolences to the wonderful Bohnen family, who supported Penny in all her endeavors, and kept the society prominent among their large circle of Hinsdale organizations and friends. — Bob Saigh, former Hinsdale resident and Hinsdale Historical Society volunteer, on behalf of the board