Yesterday and today

Series: Hinsdale 150 | Story 7

The intersection of York and Ogden was once the center of Brush Hill, which preceded Hinsdale's founding by about 30 years, according to Sandy William's book, "Images of America - Hinsdale." First, ancient Indian trails and later a "plank" road Ogden was one of three primary routes out of Chicago for settlers heading on their western journey. In the 1850s Benjamin Fuller incorporated many lots at the intersection as Fullersburg. The photo above is of the intersection in 1946, where Lloyd "Bob" Fuller, a descendant of the Fullersburg Fullers, began a business with a service station at York and Ogden. Today, the corner is home to a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins as well as a tire store. In 1959, the Fullers added their current Lincoln Street location as well as the first tunnel car wash in the western suburbs. (photos by Jim Slonoff, Hinsdale Historical Society)