Student athlete profile

Taylor & Tyler Riggi



What do you enjoy most about wrestling?

Taylor: I enjoy how close you are with your teammates. Without their support and encouragement I wouldn't be where I am today.

Tyler: Unlike other sports, wrestling is solely individual, so winning feels better. When you win in wrestling you know it was because of the work you put it and not because your team carried you.

How have your skills improved since freshman year?

Tyler: Great coaches my freshman year helped me adjust to the fast-paced training. I've improved a lot technically but wouldn't be here if I hadn't had coaches to introduce me to this lifestyle.

Taylor: I went from only winning one match on varsity my sophomore year to becoming someone my team can rely on when we're down on points.

How would your teammates describe you?

Taylor: Dependable. They see me as someone who takes the sport very seriously and strives to become better. I go and work my hardest every day to become the best athlete I can.

Tyler: Hardworking. Many people on the team understand I'm wrestling with injuries and know that I try my best to come every day and improve.

Who's the better wrestler between the two of you?

Taylor: I like to believe I am the better wrestler, but in reality we are very close in skill. It is hard to tell who is truly better.

Tyler: Me and Taylor are very competitive and we both have our strengths and weaknesses. I can't say for sure who the better wrestler is because we have very different styles and attitudes toward this sport.

Any other siblings?

Older brothers Freddy and Joe, and older sister Desiree.

Have your post-Central plans been decided?

Tyler: I'm probably going to (Arizona State University) for college.

Taylor: I wish to go to a school somewhere in San Diego.

Why does coach Jason Hayes like having the Riggi twins on the squad?

They sacrifice for the team whenever we need it. They will wrestle any weight we need them to. They've won us some dual meets this year by bumping up a weight class.

- profile by Ken Knutson, photo by Jim Slonoff